Foundation FACE

The Foundation Culturespaces has chosen to place its actions under the aegis of the Foundation FACE.

The Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion, FACE, has been a foundation with recognized utility status since 1994 and umbrella foundation status since 2013. Originally created by 13 large French business groups under the initiative of French politician Martine Aubry, the Fondation FACE encourages a social conscience amongst French businesses and works to end all forms of exclusion, discrimination and poverty.  

Organized into networks (72 local structures with over 350 action sites), over 5,250 businesses (ranging from large corporations to SMBs) are actively involved in FACE’s regional programme. FACE has been presided over by Gérard Mestrallet (the Director General of French energy company, Engie) since 2007. Every year, the actions of FACE and its network—across five activity domains (business, employment, education, responsible consumption & regional development)—benefits over 200,000 people.  

The FACE Foundation plays a supervisory role with regard to the Foundation Culturespaces: guaranteeing that the philanthropic actions of the Culturespaces Foundation serve the public interest, that its projects are transparently and ethically run, and that the same tax benefits apply to both donors and foundations recognized as a public utility.