Our areas of actions

Our Cultural and Educational Programs

Culturespaces Foundation creates cultural and educational programs that go far beyond a simple museum visit.

Our programs are based on an interactive, multi-layered paedagogical approach. Before and after each visit to a cultural site, we organise paedagogical and cultural workshops, during school hours or as an extracurricular activity.

The Culturespaces Foundation’s programmes are based on four main themes: 

1. Culture and digital technology 

The Art en immersion (‘Art immersion’) program;

2. The art of gardening and ecology 

The Les Secrets des jardins (‘The Secrets of the Gardens’) programme and the tour itinerary Entre cour et Jardin (‘Courtyards and Gardens’);

3. Heritage and creativity 

The programmes A la découverte de l’Hôtel de Caumont (‘Discovering the Hôtel de Caumont’) and Architectures Extraordinaires (‘Extraordinary Architecture’);

4. Art and health 

Projects: ‘Rendez-vous artistique à l’hôpital’ (‘Artistic Events in Hospitals’) and ‘Le parcours dansé’ (‘Initiation Through Dance’).



Initiated in 2018, Art en immersion is Culturespaces Foundation’s primary educational and cultural program, operating at the national level, for the benefit of 7 000 children per year.

The programme is designed to accompany digital exhibitions held at Atelier des Lumières (Paris), Carrières des Lumières (Baux-de-Provence) and Bassins des Lumières (Bordeaux).

Starting in January 2020, the French Ministry of Education and Youth Affairs has entered into a three-year partnership with Culturespaces Foundation, aimed at promoting and further deploying the Art en immersion program throughout France.

This agreement prolongs and amplifies the initiative taken by Culturespaces Foundation to share our national heritage and access to fine arts.


Testimony from a primary school teacher

“98% of our students do not know what a painting or a museum is. They live in such squalid conditions that access to culture is not a priority for their families. Thanks to the opportunities offered to us by Culturespaces Foundation, our students have been able to discover pictorial art, the craft of a painter, the work of an artist… At the Carrières de Lumières, the students were fascinated by the physical immersion into the paintings. Many students sat down and stopped talking or moving, taking in the colours and forms. It is hard to describe the emotion we felt seeing our students so absorbed. ”

Edouard Vaillant Elementary School (Member of the French Ministry of Education’s Priority Education Network, REP+), Marseille