Built in the first century CE, the Nîmes Amphitheatre is the best conserved Roman building of its type in the world. The educational programme that focuses on the world of amphitheatres provides a complementary course to the school classes that teach students about Roman antiquity. It also enables children to discover about their region’s history and heritage.

The programme comprises four distinct parts:
Educational workshops: the intervention of a mediator in the classes to initiate the children into the habits and customs of Gallo-Roman society via games and costumes.
Guided tours: an amusing exploration of the Nîmes Amphitheatre.
In option: opportunity to visit the Maison Carré and discover the movie "Nemausus, the birth of Nîmes". 

Conditions of participation

- Children from 6 to 12 years old
- For any information, contact surlestracesdesromains@culturespaces.com

Sponsors of the programme 


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