Art immersion program at Atelier des Lumières © Fondation Culturespaces 2022, C. de la Motte

Who are we?

In order to fight against inequalities in access to culture, Fondation Culturespaces designs and implements artistic and cultural education programs for children made vulnerable by illness, disability or social insecurity, enabling them to have unique artistic and cultural experiences to awaken, develop and reveal their creativity.

Deployed in partnership with a dozen exceptional cultural venues and local actors in the social, educational and medical fields, our programs enable children to have unique artistic and cultural experiences to awaken, develop and realize their potential.

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Our Action

Each year in France, nearly 12,000 children aged 5 to 12 (from priority urban neighborhoods, social or medico-social structures, hospitals or schooling in priority education networks) take part in our programs in which artistic education becomes a powerful instrument in the service of quality education, equal opportunity and living together.

Projects, impact and key figures are summarized in a few pages in our Annual Report 2022!

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The foundation's ecosystem

the team

The Fondation Culturespaces has a governance structure, an operational team, and a mediation team spread across the Foundation's different regions of action, with rich and varied specializations depending on the needs in the field.

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They support us

To carry out its missions, the Fondation Culturespaces can count on many institutional, financial, cultural and field partners (from the social and medical-educational sectors).

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