Our Team

The Fondation Culturespaces’ team has a governance, an operational team, and a mediation team spread across the Foundation's different regions of action, with rich and varied specialisations according to the needs in the field.



Jacques de Tarragon

Photo portrait de Nadège Béglé

Nadège Béglé

Delegated management of the Fondation Culturespaces
Photo portrait de Bianca Ciampolini

Bianca Ciampolini

Project Manager
Photo portrait de Justine Sereis

Justine Sereis

Resources and Sponsorship
Photo portrait d'Ombline d'Avezac

Ombline d'Avezac

Projects coordinator
Photo portrait de Clara d'Arc

Clara d'Arc

Projects coordinator

Solange d'Alançon


Mediation team

Photo portrait de Sonia Aragon

Sonia Aragon

Cultural mediator
Photo portrait d'Emmanuelle Le Cadre

Emmanuelle Le Cadre

Cultural mediator
Photo portrait d'Isabelle Bardon

Isabelle Bardon

Cultural mediator

Marine Lamothe

Cultural mediator
Photo portrait de Séréna Evely

Séréna Evely

Cultural mediator
Photo portrait de Chloé Montesano

Chloé Montesano

Cultural mediator

Lucile Goussé

Cultural mediator

Mélissa Cabeza

Cultural mediator
Photo portrait d'Emilie Pruvost

Emilie Pruvost

Cultural mediator
Photo portrait de Carole Deniel

Carole Deniel

Cultural mediator
Photo portrait de Margot Bareyt

Margot Bareyt

Cultural mediator

Marine Laplaud

Cultural mediator

Marie-Anne Touma

Cultural mediator
Photo portrait de Chantal Duthil

Chantal Duthil

Cultural mediator
Photo portrait de Marie de Saint-Rapt

Marie de Saint-Rapt

Cultural mediator

Anne Trawalter

Cultural mediator


  • Founding President: Bruno MONNIER, Président and CEO, Culturespaces
  • Treasurer: Eric COMPTE, Deputy General Director, Culturespaces
  • Representative of the Fondation Agir Contre l'Exclusion (FACE) Timothée DELACÔTE, General Delegate, Fondation FACE


  • Laure KERMEN-LECUIR, Director of Engagement for Groupe ADP and General Delegate of the Fondation Groupe ADP.
  • Philippe PEYRAT, General Delegate of the ENGIE Foundation and Director of Patronage, Sponsorship and External Relations of the ENGIE Group.

Founder's representatives

  • Gaëlle CHANTREAU, Human Resources Director, Culturespaces
  • Fanny MENEGAUX, Communication Director, Culturespaces
  • Grégoire MONNIER, Culturespaces Digital Director