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Listed as a Historic Monument, the Hôtel de Caumont is one of Aix-en-Provence’s finest private mansions and dates back to the eighteenth century. The ‘A la Découverte de l’Hôtel de Caumont’ project is an educational initiative that is designed to introduce children to everyday life in the eighteenth century.

The project is divided into two distinct parts and enables children to get a good idea of what life was like in the eighteenth century in an entertaining way.
Part 1: an educational workshop run by a mediator helps the children become more familiar with the epoch and prepare their visit of the site;
Part 2: a guided tour of the Hôtel de Caumont which ends with a treasure hunt in the gardens.

Conditions of participation

- Children from 6 to 11 years old
- Free tour for 25-30 children max. 
- 1 supervisor for 5 children
- Duration: 1hr30-2hrs  


Sponsors of the programme



With the support of Madame Diane de Chaisemartin

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