The aim of this project is to let children from deprived families or those affected by illness explore the Hôtel de Caumont Arts Centre.

It is designed in two stages:

- In the first stage, the cultural mediator will go and meet the children at their childcare facility and offer cultural activities using custom-designed educational tools.
The aim of this activity is for the children to be plunged into the intimate details of the daily lives of two aristocratic children, Pauline de Bruny (1767 – 1850) and her little brother Marie-Jean-Joseph (1767 – 1800) who lived at the Hôtel de Caumont during the 18th century. They will learn more about the theme through play, music, images and appropriate educational tools.
- In the second stage, the children will be invited to play at the Hôtel de Caumont. Having already been introduced to the topic, the children will feel quite at ease among the objects that they have already played with. They are visiting as "young connoisseurs". Each child will receive a map of the private mansion and be invited to unravel the secrets of the Hôtel de Caumont. A genuine treasure hunt, in 10 stages, will lead them from the Cour d'Honneur, to the music room, the bedroom of Pauline de Caumont, to the garden, where the mystery object is hidden.
This route will allow them to consolidate what they have learned about this building and its era during the previous session.

This project is aimed at social centres, educational institutions receiving priority funding and paediatric hospitals.

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