Mission and key figures

Helping people to reconstruct their lives through cultural activities 

By facilitating access to the arts and heritage, the Fondation Culturespaces has been fighting (since 2000) against the cultural exclusion of certain children who are sick, handicapped, or suffering from poverty and social exclusion. 
Thanks to its made-to-measure projects, the FoUndation Culturespaces helps these children to discover historical and artistic treasures, and helps them to construct their lives through cultural activities.

A unique educational approach

The Culturespaces Foundation adopts a dynamic and entertaining educational approach that is adapted to the children participating in the activities. It combines culture, education, and solidarity. This unique characteristic combined with a high level of excellence makes the Foundation Culturespaces a model organisation in France that gives underprivileged children access to the arts and culture.

Each year, key figures

10 educational and cultural programmes
400 tailor- made tours 
250 teaching workshops
10 000 children
4 regions in France