You are a company

The Culturespaces Foundation’s mission is conducted under the aegis of the Fondation FACE, a recognised public-interest organisation audited by the Cour des Comptes (the French Court of Accounts), thus ensuring complete transparency as to how donations are made and used in projects of general public interest.
To carry out its solidarity initiatives, the Culturespaces Foundation needs continuous financial support. When your company makes a donation to the Culturespaces Foundation, you can choose to fund an educational project of your choice or to fund the guided tours in our various partner cultural venues. 

Tax credit

Corporate sponsorship enables companies to benefit from a tax reduction. 60% of the donations made to the Culturespaces Foundation can be set against corporate tax, within a limit of 5% of the turnover (exclusive of tax).

Your tax receipt

The Culturespaces Foundation will send you your tax receipt within 4 weeks (maximum) after receiving your donation.