In the heart of Provence, the theatre, which dates from imperial Rome and was constructed in the first century CE, is an exceptional example of the Roman civilisation.

A visit to the Roman Theatre of Orange enables children to discover one of the most important heritage sites in France and to learn all about Roman society two thousand years ago. Thanks to a free tour of the site, conducted by the supervisor using our educational tools, the children will be able to discover the Antique Theatre via three different tours:
- The tour can be done from the perspective of daily life with the Romans to enable the children to discover Roman architecture, the Theatre’s role in the daily life of the city, and the specific nature of Roman life in antiquity. 
- The tour can focus on shows and performances in antiquity and their specificities, which will also highlight Roman architecture and explore its imagery. 
- Children can also participate in the workshop entitled ‘Découverte de la vie antique’ (‘The discovery of life in antiquity’), during which the guide will present the monument, its construction, and its purpose, as well as the historical context of the workshop. The children can ask the guide questions and discover Roman life through educational panels. They will also be able to take part in creative work. 

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